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Exclusive Sessions

Before any booking can be done, please fill out our education package questionnaire.


Consultation Required Prior To Service:

Includes all of our written training instructions as well as our mental enrichment packet and discount codes. We also provide a behavioral assessment as well as a detailed treatment plan for you and your household.

Consultation is a one time $100 fee.

One on One

Exclusive Sessions allow you to work one on one with your trainer. This can be helpful if your dog is exhibiting any unfavorable in-home behaviors or if you want to work on getting them better in a public setting. Exclusive sessions can be held at your house or at a location of your choosing. 

Your trainer is able to give you one on one attention and help guide you through the process of training. This is also a good time to ask any questions that you may have so that when the session ends, you can continue working successfully throughout the week.

Behavior mod

Behavioral modification can deal with many inhome problems such as barking at the door to growling at strangers. Here at Mutts Be Fantastic we take the time needed to assist you and your dog individually.

We have experience handling the problem behaviors listed below:

• Door barking

• Fear of objects (leashes, doors, etc.) • Barking and lunging on leash

• Same sex dog reactivity

• Dog reactivity

• Resource guarding (food, people, beds, kennels, toys etc.)

If you're dog has any history of biting or biting attempts please inform in your questionnaire or while booking.

Private Lessons are an initial investment of $600 for the first six weeks. This includes leash adjustments and equipment changes, and a place cot for up to 2 dogs.

After the first six weeks all lessons are $75 per one hour lesson to be supplemented as needed.

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