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dog walking

Before any booking can be done, please fill out our questionnaire.


Dog walking is an excellent alternative for owners who are concerned about their pet's daily exercise and activity. Long hours away from home can cause restlessness in the evenings. A potty break and a long walk can alleviate pent up energy and accidents. Our dog walker has leash training skills available to help your dog get the most out of their daily walks.

We use "Doggy Logs," to check in and track your pup during the walk. Walkers will also log all potty breaks and will pick up stool during walk. A photo will be sent during each walk.

All walks will be a duration of thirty minutes per dog.


$20 for one dog

$15 for all additional dogs

Additional $5 for dogs over 60 pounds

Consult will be required prior to booking always!

$50 fee

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