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Hello My Name Is

Sydnie Talley

I began my journey in dog training shortly after we moved. We acquired our first dogs as a family and working with them brought me so much joy. I had previously trained my childhood dogs to know basic obedience both close at hand and at a distance while trail riding with my horse. They had to have excellent recall and I found the training to be essential to my every day life. Having dogs with my family as an adult was no different. After setting personal goals for growth I began my education as a trainer.


I have taken multiple classes from celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson, Purina Farm's Sara Brueske, Ft. Worth renowned behaviorist Karen Deeds, and world renowned behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar. I continue to study diligently to keep up with all the current methods by continuing my education so that I can provide the absolute best to all my clients. I manage the online dog consultation team for the app Puppr.

As a dog trainer I seek to provide every family with the skill set to effectively communicate with their dogs. Through a combination of structure, positive reinforcement, and proofing behaviors I believe that our dogs can become our partners in our daily lives. Through my programs you will learn along with your dog how to seek out the behaviors you desire and implement them. 

Servicing Ellis County

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