Dog sports

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Disc doG

Learn drill to help your pup track the disc in midair. Get prepped for competition by learning what to expect at your first disc comp. Get one on one coaching for proper throw technique.


The sport of disc is an amazing opportunity to connect with your dog and work as a team.

Equipment needed: Discs available for use. Kennel needed while on site.

Six 1hr classes


$200 per dog.

Lego Buckie.jpg
Trick Out Your

Learn foundations for six tricks(spin and twist, leg weaves, sit pretty, hind leg stand, back up, and over arms) and how to put them in order to create a dance with your dog! Trick training is fantastic way to physically and mentally provide exercise for your dog. Join us and begin a solid foundation for teaching these tricks and many more to come!


Kid Friendly Class.

Equipment needed: HIGH value Treats (lunch meat, hot dogs, chicken, freeze dried raw), Training Pouch, and leash.


One 2hr class.


$125 per dog.

Snack and water provided.