Hello My Name Is

Sara Hawkins

I have had interest in dogs since I can remember. I would rescue dogs off the streets and beg to keep them. I trained all our household dogs to do basic obedience. I always thought of training as such a fun thing to be able to do with my dogs and watching them learn and gain confidence in themselves. I read any book as a child that were about dogs. Anything I could learn as a child I would.

Later on when I got older and moved out I started to do more research on dog training and started taking classes to trick train and learn dog sports. Some of the classes I have attended were with Sara Carson and with Lindsey Hinds. I have also read books by Dr. Ian Dunbar and other dog trainers. I still continue my training education and I will be going to several other seminars

in the up coming years.

I am an expert on communication with both deaf and blind dogs.

I have taught obedience using both sign language and pressure

techniques to communicate clearly with disabled dogs.

I am also an online dog consultation expert for the app Puppr.
I currently have two dogs that I do sports with. I mush both of them and taught them how to do that and the other I do Frisbee with.

Dogs have always been my passion, but just this year I am able to pursue my passion since I had my first child and I am home with her.

Servicing Ellis County